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Afterimage_essex street market

Image transfer and graphic tape, Site-specific, 2014

Taking process as a central subject, this project uses the gallery for both exhibition and studio, creating an ever-changing workspace in order to consider the visual resonance of an image, place or narrative once it has ceased to exist.


Throughout the exhibition, Chu collected discarded materials from the market vendors, bringing them into the gallery to construct the setting and scenario of “non-place,” a transient site between destinations. Using photography to dislocate the collected objects from a sense of time or origin, Chu’s surreal vignettes transform the everyday into a moment abstracted from reality, coaxing the viewer’s experience of perception to the space between foreign and familiar. By creating a transparent workspace, this project gave form to the intersection of the real and imaginary, threading new narratives with the impression of fragments collected over time.


This exhibition is presented in collaboration with Artists Alliance Inc. The residencies of both Ta-Wei Huang and Yinhua Chu at Residency Unlimited and Artists Alliance Inc are sponsored by Ministry of Culture, R.O.C.(Taiwan).


Text by Jodi Waynberg, Artist Alliance Inc, New York.

Work Sketch:

Essex Street Market, New York Lower East Side:

© 2014 YinHua Chu

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