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Shop-Window Installation (Eslite)
Shop-Window Installation (Eslite)
Shop-Window Installation (Eslite)
Shop-Window Installation (Eslite)

Hopscotching Tainan

Mixed Media, Site-Specific , 2013



A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing

-- Oscar Wilde

This project adopts the idea of childhood game ‘hopscotch’, using the map of Tainan Central-West District as the base and coding the hopscotch routes according to the structure of Tainan city map.

This site-specific work takes place on an abandoned public space. Using 400 pallets to construct the site and placing blackboard on the ground, participants are invited to enter this pop-up toy box, play the hopscotch game and view the images in 3D view-masters.

These images are street scenes of different locations which are made out of photographs and papers. Through viewing these strangely-familiar images, viewers are stimulated to interpret the Tainan map through their subjective imaginations and memories.


Rules of the Game

01. Throw cards on to ‘Hopscotching Tainan’ site.

02. Jump or walk or hopscotch or dance to the spot.

03. View images through 3D view-masters, observe...

04. Note your map via memory and imagination.

3D images & participants' maps

#1  Chuan Mei Theatre

3D images & participants' maps

#2  ChengDa Book Store

3D images & participants' maps

#3  Bao’an Road

3D images & participants' maps

#4  Kuo-hua Street

3D images & participants' maps

#5  You’ai Market

3D images & participants' maps

#6  Zhengxing Street

3D images & participants' maps

#7  Ya Mu Liao Market

3D images & participants' maps

#8  Confucius Temple

3D images & participants' maps

#9  Lin DepartmentStore

3D images & participants' maps

#10  China Town

participants' drawing maps

work-in-progress (model making)

Chu YinHua, Hopscotching Tainan, 2013

© 2014 YinHua Chu

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