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Collective Maps (on-going)

*This is an ongoing project. If you like to share your map, you are more than welcome to send me your file (or mail me!). :)


Really there’s nothing here. It’s like a place where you live. The only useful thing about the studio is that after some time you can imagine something.

A forest, for example. I walk in it. Today it is nothing for me, but perhaps in two weeks it will become something."

                                                                                                                               - Christian Boltanski, ‘Studio Visit’, Tate Magazine, no. 2, Summer,2005


During the Artist-Residency in Art Square Tainan, I install the residency space as an artist’s open studio, encouraging passers-by to participate in the process of ‘mapping’.

I set a mailbox and invite others to draw maps without any purpose.  These collected maps have revealed various hidden stories:

Such as indexical information:

Such as the subject of ‘home’:

Childhood houses that have been destroyed during earthquake/typhoons or dismantled under urban gentrification. These ‘homes’ now only exist in one’s memory/imagination:

Both maps are about the town ‘Lui-Jia’, but they are saying different stories:

Or perhaps this project starts from Tainan, many people share their food maps:

Sometimes we could guess the unknown participants’ personalities through their use of colour and figures:

Insects’ or pets’ maps:

© 2014 YinHua Chu

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